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“大康” 学生双簧管非常容易演奏并且在所有音域中保持一致,是任何双簧管学生的绝佳入门乐器。


半自动, 镀银键,胶木管体,音乐学院键位系统。

“大康” 双簧管

  • A top notch student oboe.

    It features durable keys made of white copper alloy, which provide extra strength and resistance to deformation. This ensures that the instrument can withstand the rigors of student use. With its reliable build quality, remarkable ease of play, and consistent performance across the registers, the DK oboe is an excellent option for beginner oboists.


    • Semi-automatic
    • Silver plated keys
    • Synthetic wood body
    • Conservatoire system
    • Offering full keys like a professional oboe

    Low B flat resonance key

    Forked F resonance key

    Left hand F key

    All trill keys – 3rd octave key


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