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“伯牙”双簧管是 DC 双簧管工作室的皇冠上的明珠。 这款双簧管仅使用最好的经过陈年储藏的最好的莫桑比克乌木。它的音色具有非凡的穿透力与和极具表现力的光彩。 它能对演奏家吹入的气流做出反应,并呈现出令人难以置信的深度。 其出色的音准让演奏者真正能全神贯注于音乐创作。


半自动, 镀银键,非洲黑檀木管体,音乐学院键位系统。

“伯牙” 双簧管

  • The 'Boya' oboe is the crowning jewel of the DC Oboe Atelier. Meticulously crafted from the finest aged grenadilla wood, this oboe offers a tone of remarkable warmth, projection, and radiance. It effortlessly responds to the player's airstream, revealing incredible depth in its sound. Additionally, its excellent intonation allows musicians to fully immerse themselves in the art of music-making.


    • Semi-automatic
    • Silver plated keys
    • Grenadilla wood body
    • Conservatoire system
    • Full keys

    Low B flat resonance key

    Forked F resonance key

    Left hand F key

    All trill keys – 3rd octave key

    • Accessories: instrument case, outer backpack, reed case and swab
    • Rose gold plating also available
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